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Prof. John Lygeros

Head of Department:
Prof. John Lygeros
The Head of the Department leads the departmental institutions and represents D-ITET internally and externally.
Email: jlygeros(at)                      
                         Tel: +41 44 632 89 70

Deputy Head of Department and Delegate for Infrastructure:
Prof. Klaas Prüssmann
The Deputy Head works with the Head and is his official representative.
Email: pruessmann(at)
                        Tel: +41 44 632 66 96

Director of Studies:
Prof. Juerg Leuthold
The Director of Studies is responsible for implementing the course programmes and examination regulations.
He heads the Examiners' Conference and the PhD examinations.
                         Email: leuthold(at)
                         Tel: Tel: +41 44 633 80 10

Delegate for Communication and PR:
Prof. Dr. Christian Franck
He responsible for topics of Communication and PR in the management of the Department.
Email: franck(at)
Tel: +41 44 632 47 62

Department Coordination and Controlling

Please visit us at the ETZ H floor, if you need support or if there are questions about our department.

Department coordinator:
Peter Sägesser (ETZ H 82)
He assists the Head of Department in all questions concerning planning and budgeting at the Department as well as at the Department and Professors' Conference and regarding questions of Professorships.
                         Email: psaegesser(at)
                         Tel: +41 44 632 50 02

Coordinator of studies:
Reto Kreuzer (ETZ H 83)
He manages everything concerning our students, particularly student exchanges, student advice, course overview and regulations. He assists the Teaching Commission.
                         Email: reto.kreuzer(at)
                         Tel: +41 44 632 08 15

Educational developer:
Mukul Agarwal (ETZ H 70)
He is the contact person in the departments for issues in the area of teaching. He provides support to lecturers and coordinates developments within degree programmes in cooperation with LET.                       
                         Email: mukul.agarwal(at)
                         Tel: +41 44 632 61 26

Student administration:
Doris Döbeli (ETZ H 85)
She works at the front desk of the Academic Affairs Office and is responsible for the administrative support of the Bachelor and Master programmes offered at D-ITET.
Email: ddoebeli(at)
                         Tel: +41 44 632 50 03

Doctoral administration:
Yasemin Tomaschett (ETZ H 85)
She is in charge of doctoral administration, class schedules and lectureships.
Email: doktorat(at) or yasemin.tomaschett(at)
                        Tel: +41 44 632 33 36

Department Communication and PR

Please visit us in ETZ H 84, if you have any questions or need support in communicational matters.

Gertrud Lindner
In collaboration with the Departement management she is responsible for communication and public relations at D-ITET.
Email: pr(at) or gertrud.lindner(at)
Tel: +41 44 632 78 34

Stefanie Pfennigbauer
She is responsible for the website, social media, for editing/text and events (e.g. Scientifica, information events for prospective students).
Email: pr(at) or stefanie.pfennigbauer(at)
                        Tel: + 41 44 632 86 32

Katja Abrahams-Lehner
Katja Abrahams is responsible for the website, social media and the organisation of events (e.g. information events for prospective students).
Email: pr(at) or katja.abrahams(at)
Tel: + 41 44 633 89 93

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