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The Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) includes 17 research laboratories (institutes) with activities ranging from integrated circuits to computer networks, from wireless communications to signal processing, and from control theory to power electronics. In addition, we have a strong biomedical engineering section focussing on imaging technology and neural information processing.

The D-ITET offers a Bachelor/Master program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. We also offer several interdisciplinary Master programs.

The faculty of D-ITET consists of 37 professors that supervise over 300 PhD students. The department is firmly committed to both basic research and applied research. Countless collaboration with industry are a matter of course. Beside the research laboratories (institutes), the D-ITET runs also a number of departmental services.

D-ITET, Building ETZ, Gloriastrasse 35, 8092 Zurich
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