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Events for prospective students

Studienwoche from 6 to 10 June 2017: More infos

Studieninformationstage 2017: More infos

Talks & Colloquia

23 May 2017, Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research - Real-time Optimization in Power Distribution Systems

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24 May 2017, Talk

RISC-V: Instruction sets want to be free

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29 May 2017, Seminar

(Control Seminar Series) Pathogen Dynamics Through a Phylogenetic Lens

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30 May 2017, Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research - Optimal design of multi-energy systems including seasonal energy storage. (Followed by Apéro and Awards)

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14 June 2017, Seminar

Characterization of single proteins in nanopores

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Students' Events

31 May 2017, Students' event

Vorstellung der Vertiefungsrichtungen am D-ITET

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31 May 2017, Students' event

Student meets Lab

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7 July 2017, Students' event

Masterfeier D-ITET

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City model created from images alone

ETH scientists have combined millions of images and videos into a three-dimensional, living model of the city of Zurich. The new technology has many possible applications – for example, it can analyse where and when pedestrians are on the move and parking spaces become free. Read more 


High Voltage ALUMNI & Friends Team at SOLA Stafette 2017

A team of alumni and friends of the High Voltage Lab participated at the 45th SOLA Stafette relay run on 6 May 2017. The runners finished 74th out of almost 1.000 teams. Read more 


How does trust work on the internet?

A secure and reliable internet generates trust. Just how the internet creates trust is a matter for debate between ETH computer scientists and social scientists – for example, in a public session on 9 May 2017. Read more 


Sebastian Kozerke receives ISMRM Fellowship Award 2017

Prof. Sebastian Kozerke was named 2017 Fellow of ISMRM, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Read more 


D-ITET photo among winners of the SNSF Scientific Image Competition

One of the winning pictures of the D-ITET Research Photo Competition 2016 has received an award of distinction at the SNSF Scientific Image Competition in May 2017. The picture has been submitted by Paul Beuchat, PhD student at the Automatic Control Laboratory. Read more 

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