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Talks & Colloquia

24 October 2016, Talk

Energy Efficient Deeply Fused Dot-Product Multiplication Architecture

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24 October 2016, Talk

Opportunistic Refreshing Algorithm for eDRAM Memories

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24 October 2016, Seminar

(Control Seminar Series) Multi-Agent Map-Building: Kalman Filtering Meets Machine Learning

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7 November 2016, Seminar

(Control Seminar Series) Social Networks Analysis: Consensus or Disagreement?

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14 November 2016, Seminar

(Control Seminar Series) Convexification-Based Real-Time Optimization for High Performance Autonomous Control

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Events for prospective students

ETH unterwegs: More infos and dates (in German)

Taster Day for girls: 9 December 2016 More infos (in German)

Studieninformationstage 2017: More infos

Students' Events

27 October 2016, Students' event

Bachelorfeier D-ITET

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9 November 2016, Students' event

Austauschstudium am D-ITET

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19 December 2016, Students' event

Apéro Studien- & Masterarbeiten FS 2017 / Apéro Semester- & Mastertheses FS 2017

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7 July 2017, Students' event

Masterfeier D-ITET

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How to study successfully at D-ITET

For a successful start into the first year of studies, D-ITET offered yesterday – in cooperation with Student Services (StS) – the info event "How to successfully pass the first year". The event was very well received and attracted more than 170 students. Read more 


Best paper award for D-ITET team

The paper "Mobile Ultrasound Imaging on Heterogeneous Multi-Core Platforms", a collaboration between the groups of Professors Luca Benini, Lothar Thiele and Orcun Göksel, has received the best paper award at the ACM/IEEE Symposium on Embedded Systems for Real-time multimedia. Read more 


Luca Hirt wins two Best Poster Awards

Luca Hirt, PhD student at the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, won two best poster awards at the MaP Graduate Symposium & MaP Award Ceremony 2016 in June 2016 and at the SPM meeting of the Royal Microscopical Society in July 2016. Read more 


Livie Dorwling-Carter receives poster prize

Livie Dorwling-Carter, PhD student at the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics of Prof. Janos Voeroes, was awarded with a poster prize at the 7th International Workshop of Cardiac Mechano-Electric Coupling and Arrhythmias. Read more 


New at D-ITET: Prof. Benjamin F. Grewe

Since 1 October 2016, Benjamin F. Grewe is Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Systems and Circuits Neuroinformatics. Read more 

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