Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) ITET

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Engineers with work experience may study part-time for a diploma of advanced studies.


  • A Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from ETH Zurich or an equivalent degree
  • A minimum of two years of work experience

In addition, a professor of D-ITET must consent to act as your supervisor during your studies (tutor) and must both authorize the study plan and supervise the diploma thesis.

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  • Major courses (18 credits, typically 3 courses)
  • Diploma Thesis (12 credits; 3 months full-time/6 months part-time)

Major courses may be chosen individually, but the selection must be approved by the tutor. Non-technical subjects (e.g. languages, law, etc.) are excluded.

Prospective students must find a suitable tutor among the department's professors themselves. The application is processed by D-ITET's student administration office.



Anyone interested in and qualified for the Diploma of Advanced Studies, must chose an area of specialization and settle on a selection of courses.

For this selection, the online course catalogof ETH Zurich (with all the relevant information on content and scope as well as the credits of each course) will greatly help; just look for the desired semester and choose among courses from the programme "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Master".

To register for the DAS ITET, you must have the consent of a professor of the department (tutor) to assist you during your studies. This applies both to the course selection and the diploma thesis.

Professors at D-ITET


The official application form (PDF, 203 KB) with the signature of the tutor, copies of diploma, transcript of records and work certificates and a photo must be submitted to the student administration office (ETZ H 85) no later than August 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester.

Note for students without a residence permit for Switzerland: The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (DAS ITET) is a part-time study program. Usually the Swiss authorities do not issue student visa for part-time studies. A visa is required for the residence permit.


Admisson and Fees

Every application will be examined by the D-ITET's director for continuing education, who confirms or rejects them.

The total tuition and fee amounts to CHF 4580.00.

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