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Introductory Lecture Prof. Orçun Göksel
3 March 2015, 5:15 pm, Audi Max, ETH Main Building

Introductory Lecture Prof. Sebastian Kozerke
26 May 2015, 5:15 pm, Audi Max, ETH Main Building

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An oscilloscope for MRI scanners


Take three driven physics wizards, an innovative business idea and lots of hard work, and what do you get? An ETH spin-off that could further advance both MRI research and medical diagnostics. Read more 


Prof. Hubert Kaeslin: New book out now


The new book Top-Down Digital VLSI Design: From Architectures to Gate-Level Circuits and FPGAs by Prof. Hubert Kaeslin, Head of the Microelectronics Design Center at D-ITET, covers the design of microchips for applications as diverse as telecommunication, data security, realtime video processing, and more. Read more 


Data-storage for eternity

data encoded in DNA and protected by an artificial fossil code

How can we preserve our knowledge today for the next millennia? ETH researchers have found a way to store information in the form of DNA, preserving it for nearly an eternity. Read more 


Detox and software for power grids

Bild: IfJ

The ETH-Zurich spin-offs Versantis and Adaptricity are heralding the beginning of a new era of detoxification methods and managing power systems. The two fledgling companies reached the third and final round of the competition Venture Kick. Both spin-offs received CHF 130,000 each in seed capital. Read more 


New at D-ITET: Prof. Ulrike Grossner

Prof. Ulrike Grossner

Since 1 February 2015, Ulrike Grossner is Full Professor of Power Semiconductors at D-ITET. Read more 

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