Record 10 Watt On-Chip Power Converter

Toke Anderson

Research by the Power Electronics Systems Laboratory (PES) at ETH Zurich in collaboration with IBM Research – Zurich demonstrated an on-chip (or fully-integrated) power converter that delivers 10 watt of output power – at the size of a pin head. Read more 


Final day of Gloriabar


As of today, the Gloriabar at D-ITET will be closed due to construction work. Read more 


Panel Discussion "Elektrotechnik - einen Schritt weiter"

Elektrotechnik - einen Schritt weiter

The lunch event "Elektrotechnik - einen Schritt weiter", especially designed for students in their 2nd and 4th semester, took place on 30 March 2015. Read more 


TIK/Armasuisse Team receives Best Paper Award

DFRWS EU 2015 Annual Conference

David Gugelmann, Fabian Gasser, Bernhard Ager (all TIK) and Vincent Lenders (Armasuisse) were presented with the Best Paper Award at the annual DFRWS EU 2015 Conference. Read more 


ScopeM: Magnifying the minuscule

ScopeM. Atom Probe Tomograph. (Photo: ETH Zurich/Florian Bachmann)

Need an optical or electron microscope for your research? Look no further than ScopeM. The Hönggerberg campus has been home to this technology platform since 2014. Read more 

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