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If you search for available rooms and make reservations within the Department buildings and other ETH Zurich buildings you can use the following web applications:

Inquiry about classrooms and conference rooms:
Room reservations:
Information for lecturers:

  • choose a room and check the status of occupancy
  • choose a room and view its equipment
  • send a reservation request to the room reservation office

Please note: no inquiries or reservations are possible during the first two weeks of the semester.

Department Conference Room (ETF C109 und ETL K25)

If you want to reserve one of the conference rooms you have make the reservation by yourself and inscribe in the list, which is found next to the conference rooms.

  • date, time and duration
  • type of meeting (lecture, conference, business meeting, etc.)
  • name of applicant (this must be a Professor)

Reservation of Computer Rooms at D-ITET

The Department maintains several computer rooms. They can be used for the Department’s educational activities (laboratories, etc.) as well as by the Department’s students for study-related activities.

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