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The Main Master Program of our department is the Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (MSC EEIT). The program is the normal continuation of our bachelor program and is therefore also called the "Consecutive Master Program". It is a fulltime study program for 3 to 4 semesters. The language of instruction is English.

In addition, we offer interdisciplinary master programs in collaboration with other departments of ETH.


The Master Programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology consists of courses, two Semester Projects and a Master Project. The courses and the Semester Projects are usually completed in two semesters. The Master Project takes additional six months (full-time). At least 90 credit points (ECTS) must be acquired.

Each student has a tutor, who helps with the selection of courses. Each student must find a tutor and submit the Tutor Agreement Form (PDF, 992 KB) (also called "Learning Agreement") no later than four weeks after the beginning of the first semester.

Note that most of the examinations take place in January/February and in August (between semesters). For further information see also the website of ETH Academic Services.

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Courses (at least 42 + 2 credit points)

The courses permit a specialisation, but can be selected freely. A typical full-size course gives 6 credit points. The courses and their credit points are listed in the course cataloge (under "Master Programme", section "Major Courses"; note that there are several pages).

At least 2 credit points must be obtained by courses from the Department of Human, Social, and Political Sciences (D-GESS), see the course catalog (under "Master Programme", section "Compulsory Electives..."; several pages). These courses are not part of the Tutor Agreement.

Two Semester Projects (8 credit pionts each)

Each semester project should take about half of a student‘s time during one semester. (It is possible to do a semester project in 7 weeks full-time outside a semester, but it is not recommended.) The projects are offered by the individual Laboratories of the Department.

Available projects

Master Project (30 credit points)

The Master Project takes 6 months full-time. All other parts of the Master Program should be completed before the beginning of the Master Project. The projects are offered by the individual Laboratories of the Department.

Available projects

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