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In addition to the Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, we offer interdisciplinary master programs in collaboration with other departments of ETH and the University of Zurich:

Master Biomedical Engineering

Master in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a growing field which resides at the interfaces between engineering, biology and medicine. The broad goal is to solve human health problems through advances in diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of human disease. More information

Master Energy Science and Technology

Master in Energy Science and Technology

The MEST degree programme is inspired by the need for solutions to tackle the challenges the world will be facing in realizing a sustainable energy system, i.e. environmentally friendly, reliable, of low risk, economically viable, socially compatible, and resilient in the face of natural risks. More information

Further information on degree request and Master ceremony

Master Robotics, Systems and Control

Master in Robotics, System and Control

Bridging the gap between the engineering disciplines, the program offers a multidisciplinary education that will enable graduates to develop innovative and intelligent products/systems to meet today's challenges: energy supply, health care and mobility.More information

Master Micro and Nano Systems

Master in Micro and Nanosystems

Products or systems are getting more interdisciplinary and complex, involving technologies from all engineering disciplines. The program offers an interdisciplinary education with courses in mechanical/electrical engineering, materials science, physics, etc. More information

Master Neural Systems and Computing

Master in Neural Systems and Computation

How does the brain perform computation? How do we translate insights about neural systems into usable technologies? These are key questions for the future success of medical sciences and the development of artificial intelligent systems. More information

Master Data Science

Master in Data Science

Extracting information from large amounts of data has become a principal theme in science and engineering. This program provides foundations of data science in computer science, statistics, machine learning, and signal processing. More information

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