Third Year

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The core courses (minimum 30 credits) are at the heart of third year of study. Additional elective courses (minimum 12 credits), of which at least 6 credits are obtained in the field of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (GESS), complete the third year.

The study area of "Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars" (minimum 18 credits) includes coursework in different formats, especially the general laboratory courses, projects & seminars (P&S) and group projects. An internship in industry may also be credited in this area.

Courses Credits
a) Core Courses
30 credits
b) Electives
6 credits

c) Science in perspective (former GESS compulsory electives)

6 credits
d) Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars* 18 credits
e) Additional credits from the areas a) - d) **
7 credits
Total 67 credits
* Students will usually have already acquired 6 credits from "Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars" during their second year.
** Credits freely assignable to any category
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