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The Bachelor program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is a three-year full-time study program that primarily prepares students for the subsequent Master program. In addition, the Bachelor program also enables students to continue their studies by transferring to one of our interdisciplinary Master programs.

The language of instruction in the Bachelor program is German.

In the first two years of the program, almost all courses are compulsory. The third year, however, offers a wide range of choices. In total, 180 ECTS credits need to be acquired.

The Curriculum

The standard duration of the Bachelor Program is three years (full-time). The maximum permitted duration of study is five years. In the first two years, almost all subjects are compulsory; in the third year there is great freedom of choice. Over the course of their studies, students must obtain at least 180 ECTS credits.

The first two years of studies provide foundations in:

  • Physics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics
  • Digital circuits, Computer Engineering, Programming
  • Signal and System Theory, Information and Communications

All subjects (lectures) are mandatory. In addition to these lectures, students are free to choose from a number of elective projects and seminars with a practical focus.

In the third year students can choose freely from courses offered in various areas of specialization:

  • Communications
  • Computers and Networks
  • Electronics and Photonics
  • Energy and Power Electronics
  • Biomedical Engineering

For students who entered the program in the fall semester 2016 or later, the 2016 study regulations for the Bachelor program apply.

For students who entered the program prior to the fall semester 2016, the 2012 study regulations for the Bachelor program apply.

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