Information and Communication

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"By 2020, the amount of digital information created and replicated in the world will grow to 35 trillion gigabytes."

IDC Report 2010

Prof. Helmut Bölcskei: Communication Theory

Prof. Florian Dörfler: Complex Systems Control

Prof. Orçun Göksel: Computer Assisted Application in Medicine

Prof. Maryam Kamgarpour: Control Systems

Prof. Ender Konukoglu: Biomedical Image Computing

Prof. Amos Lapidoth: Information Theory

Prof. Hans-Andrea Loeliger: Signal Processing

Prof. John Lygeros: Computation and Control

Prof. Lothar Thiele: Computer Engineering

Prof. Laurent Vanbever: Networked Systems

Prof. Luc Van Gool: Computer Vision

Prof. Roger P. Wattenhofer: Distributed Computing

Prof. Armin Wittneben: Wireless Communications

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