Electronics and Photonics

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"Solid State Lighting with high-efficiency LEDs offers tremendous energy savings and CO2 footprint reductions."

Prof. Colombo Bolognesi, Millimeter-wave Electronics Laboratory

D-ITET covers the areas of electronics and photonics with core activities ranging from physical electronics, system design and verification to a wide application field.

Prof. Luca Benini: Digital Circuits and Systems

Prof. Colombo Bolognesi: Millimeter-wave electronics

Prof. Gian-Luca Bona: Photonics

Prof. Qiuting Huang: Analogue and mixed-signal design

Prof. Juerg Leuthold: Photonics and Communication

Prof. Mathieu Luisier: Computer-based modelling of nanostructures

Prof. Lucas Novotny: Photonics

Prof. Gerhard Tröster: Digital systems

Prof. Vanessa Wood: Materials and device engineering

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