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Electronics and Photonics

Our goal is to find new approaches to component and system-developing technology for future electronic applications. On the component level, our research includes the miniaturisation and performance improvement of electronic and photonic components, as well as the use of new materials and processes (e.g. nanoelectronics, organic electronics). In system development we focus on the realisation of embedded electronics and smart environments. More

Information and Communication

Constantly improving communication options, especially those powered by the internet, drive the development of new networking and computing technologies. D-ITET isactive in the areas of signal and image processing, controlsystems, information theory, distributed computing, wireless networking and future internet technologies. More


Sustainable energy technologies will be critical to maintain strong economic growth and security in the 21st century and beyond, and are a major priority at D-ITET. Research foci include the development of smart grids for efficient energy supply and distribution and for integrating renewable energy sources as well as fundamental research on photovoltaics, batteries, and ultracapacitors. More

Biomedical Engineering and Neuroinformatics

Biomedical engineering at D-ITET is guided by the overarching goal of advancing healthcare. Bridging electrical technology and biology is essential for all areas of medicine, from prevention and diagnostics to therapy and rehabilitation. We focus on the interaction between biological and technical systems, with emphases on bioimaging, imagebased modelling and bioelectronics. More

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