Organic Nano/Bio Electronics or Getting Lost in the Garden of Nature

9. Mai 2017 | Vortrag


Organic electronics is a rapidly growing field due to a combination of strong performance from improving materials with the low fabrication cost associated with large area printing technology. Recently, the incorporation into organic electronic technology of natural biomaterials that are renewable and biodegradable is being increasingly investigated with the goal of producing “green” electronics that is environment-friendly.

In this lecture, I will review selected examples of research in our group related to the use of organic biomaterials (both natural and synthetic) for chem/bio/med applications. This includes the use of DNA and nucleobases for organic optoelectronics, cellulose for flexible electronics and microfluidic diagnostic devices, and electrospinning of nano/microfiber membranes for drug delivery and neural scaffolds.

Datum 9. Mai 2017
Zeit 11:00 - 11:45 Uhr
Referent/in Dr. Andrew J. Steckl,, Fellow, IEEE and AAAS. Since 1988, he has been Ohio Eminent Scholar & Gieringer Professor of Solid State Electronics at the University of Cincinnati.
Fachgebiet Elektrotechnik
Organisator/in Institute for Biomedical Engineering
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