Frontiers in Energy Research

Atmospheric new particle formation and climate sensitivity: the CLOUD experiment.

4. April 2017 | Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research is a series of lectures given by PhD students of their energy-related research work. Anyone can attend. No registration is required.

In the past 20 years atmospheric aerosol particles have been recognized as a risk factor in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore aerosols play a key role in climate regulation via their aerosol-radiation and aerosol-cloud interactions. Those suspended particles in a gas medium are either directly emitted into the atmosphere or formed in situ via gas-particle conversion processes. Once in the atmosphere aerosols are subjected to complex mechanisms, and global models are still affected by high uncertainty when it comes to explain these dynamics, the corresponding effect on climate and the link with anthropogenic activities. Understanding new particle formation and identifying contributing species is therefore extremely important in climate studies. The CLOUD experiment at CERN with its ultra clean chamber and state-of-art instrumentation sheds light on new particle formation processes and provides a better parametrization to climate models.

Datum 4. April 2017
Zeit 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Referent/in Molteni Ugo, ETH Zürich, PSI. Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry
Sprache Englisch
Fachgebiet Energiewissenschaft
Organisator/in Energy Science Center
Kontakt Deborah Hufton
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