Frontiers in Energy Research

Target-oriented imaging and velocity analysis using Marchenko-redatumed data

7. März 2017 | Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research is a series of lectures given by PhD students of their energy-related research work. Anyone can attend. No registration is required.

An accurate and detailed knowledge of the subsurface is important for energy related applications such as geothermal exploration. Recently, a new redatuming technique (Marchenko redatuming) has been published that allows the redatuming of seismic surface data to a new arbitrary depth level within the subsurface. We demonstrate this approach of redatuming, discuss possible applications, such as target-oriented imaging and velocity analysis using redatumed data, and show the advantage compared to an analysis using seismic surface data.

Datum 7. März 2017
Zeit 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Referent/in Constantin Mildner, ETH Zürich, D-ERDW. Institute of Geophysics, Exploration and Environmental Geophysics
Sprache Englisch
Fachgebiet Energiewissenschaft
Organisator/in Energy Science Center
Kontakt Deborah Hufton
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