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Talks & Colloquia

29 August 2016 - 2 September 2016, Course

Computational Psychiatry Course

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Events for prospective students

6 June 2016 - 10 June 2016, Event for prospective students

ETH Studienwochen für Gymnasiastinnen und Gymnasiasten - 6. - 10. Juni 2016 - jetzt anmelden!

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Students' Events

9 September 2016, Students' event

Prestudy Event Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnologie

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7 July 2017, Students' event

Masterfeier D-ITET

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A high-speed motor for satellites

A dizzying 150,000 revolutions per minute: researchers from ETH Zurich (Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering) and the ETH spin-off Celeroton have developed an ultra-fast magnetically levitated electric motor for reaction wheels. The high speed of rotation allows intensive miniaturisation of the drive system, making it attractive for use in small satellites. Read more 


Prof. Mathieu Luisier et al. win ISC Best Visualization Award

The visualization of the ab-initio simulation of electron flow through a silicon nanowire on ‘Piz Daint’ has received the award as the best visualization at the ISC Visualization Showcase 2016. The team consisted of two research groups led by professors Joost VandeVondele and Mathieu Luisier, supported by the visualization specialist from CSCS Jean Favre. Read more 


Prof. Benini et al. win Gauss Award

Prof. Benini and a team of researchers (Andrea Borghesi, Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano, all DISI, University of Bologna; as well as Andrea Bartolini, Integrated Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich) won the Gauss Award for their paper "Predictive Modeling for Job Power Consumption in HPC Systems" at the international supercomputing conference (ISC). Read more 


Extracting the content of single living cells

Biologists are increasingly interested in the behaviour of individual cells, rather than the one of an entire cell population. A new method developed at ETH could revolutionise single cell analysis. The technology uses the world’s smallest syringe to sample the content of individual cells for molecular analyses. Read more 


Prof. em. Klaus Fröhlich: Guest Professor at Tsinghua University

Prof. em. Klaus Fröhlich has been appointed as guest professor of the State Key Laboratory of Control and Simulation of Power Systems and Generation Equipments, Tsinghua University. Read more 

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